Ecology & Future 2024

May 15-19, 2024 / Baku, Azerbaijan

Welcome to the official website of our global conference, where distinguished representatives from developing nations gather to discuss and promote sustainable industrial and economic development in line with international environmental standards. Our mission is to forge a pathway to significant progress that not only advances the prospects of developing countries but also upholds the sanctity of our global environment. In our interconnected world, the growth trajectory of developing countries holds immense importance for the global community. It is imperative to ensure that this development does not come at the cost of our natural surroundings. Therefore, our event focuses on exploring viable strategies that harmonize economic growth with environmental preservation, adhering to international treaties and guidelines. Through engaging dialogues, expert panel discussions, and collaborative workshops, we aim to illuminate the complexities of balancing environmental considerations with the pressing need for development. Our conference serves as a critical platform for policymakers, industry leaders, and environmental advocates to converge and redefine the parameters of sustainable progres

Our mission

Enhancing Understanding

Educating and informing stakeholders about the critical balance between rapid economic growth and environmental sustainability, particularly within the framework of international regulations and treaties.

Sharing Best Practices

Providing a platform for sharing innovative approaches and best practices that have successfully integrated sustainable development with environmental conservation across different regions and sectors.

Fostering Collaboration

Encouraging collaboration among policymakers, industry leaders, environmental advocates, and other stakeholders to create synergies that can lead to more effective and sustainable development outcomes.

Influencing Policy

Aiming to influence and shape policy frameworks that support sustainable development goals (SDGs) in developing countries, ensuring that these frameworks are both practical and environmentally sound.